Alfa and Friends Series

EP01 : Float and Sink

Alfa, Piper, Ollie and Patch set off to the beach for a swim. Watch what happens to Ollie when he became annoyed that leads him to discover things that can float and sink.

EP02 : Color Mixing

Alfa and Piper are painting in the garden while Ollie and Patch are playing catch nearby. Watch what happens when Ollie accidentally stumbled on Piper’s paint bottle that leads them to discover about colours mixing.

EP03 : My Heart

Ollie is bored and finds a stethoscope and goes around trying it out with all the things around him. Watch what happens as he learns about the use of the stethoscope. Let’s follow Alfa and friends to discover more about stethoscope and our heart.

EP04 : Touching

Ollie is playing hide and seek with his friends. He is the blind-folded seeker. Watch what happens, will Ollie be able to find his friends now? Let’s discover about the senses of touching.

EP05 : Electricity

Alfa and Patch are watching television in the living room while Patch is heating some food for herself. Watch the troubles that caused by Ollie when he’s trying to use objects that needs electricity.