Alfa and Friends Series

EP06 : Hygiene and Cleanliness

Piper is baking a cake for her friends. Without listening to Alfa’s advice, Ollie eats his piece of cake without washing his hands. Watch what happens to Ollie after few hours of eating the cake.

EP07 : Farm and Wild

Alfa and friends are out walking around the farm looking at some animals. Piper is excited to take photos. Watch what happens and discover all the animals with Alfa and friends. Can you classify those animals into farm and wild animal?

EP08 : Insects

Alfa and friends are camping in the woods. They are enjoying themselves but something else happens. Watch what happens when their campfire burns out. Let’s follow Alfa and friends to learn more about the characteristic of an insect.

EP09 : Dissolve

Piper is cooking while Ollie is helping her. Watch what happens when Ollie tries to be helpful. Let’s follow Alfa and friends to discover things that can dissolve in water and things that can’t dissolve in water.

EP10 : Food

Alfa and friends are at the grocery store for some food. Watch what happens while they are shopping. Let’s follow Alfa and friends to learn about foods that are healthy to our body.